Yia Sou Greek Grill

5375 Queen Mary Road

Montreal QC.

Not my first visit there, and I have never had a bad meal or bad service. So why didn’t I write about it before? Why is tonight different? Because tonight was exceptional. I was accompanied by Shirley and two friends. We showed up at about 6:45 with no reservation. In my defense, I told the hostess, (Whose name I should have gotten) “I had a reservation last week”. She smiled politely and even gave me a choice of booths. This nameless young lady never stood still for very long. When she wasn’t seating people she was setting tables or placing menus. In a short time, we were greeted by our server, (Whose name I did get.) Troy was the kind of server that any restauranteur would be lucky to have. Shirley ordered the chicken souvlaki platter with salad and rice, and I ordered the always tempting, always delicious steak and fries (ridiculously priced at 26.95) When the steak arrived slightly undercooked to my liking, Troy took immediate action and returned it to the kitchen. When it came back it was cooked to perfection.

While we ate our meal I watched as Troy served his new arrivals while never neglecting the ones who were already eating, filling water glasses, removing dishes from tables, and at the end of the meal he was there to offer coffee or dessert and when asked, he brought the bill and the machine for credit cards.

This blogger recommends Yia Sou for quality food, great service, and a friendly ambiance.

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