The Worst President That Never Was

Just when we thought he had been told by his aides and others that his comments were causing violence and demonstrations and perhaps he ought to have speeches prepared by others and read directly from the Teleprompters, the Great One broke all previous limits of bad taste.  First he called out the Secret Service to line up in front of the White House to keep demonstrators away from the property. Then he called in truckloads of National Guards in full Military Gear prepared to fight not a foreign power, but fellow Americans. The speech contained not a word about racism, the needless murder of George Floyd by Police, or the need to remain calm as we rebuild the economy. Instead he decided to become recognized as a “law and order” President. He would protect our laws from everyone including Antifa, who he earlier had called a terrorist organization. That should probably result in a car bomb explosion somewhere in the U.S. soon. The President closed his speech by saying that he was on his way to pay respects at a special place.

That special place turned out to be the Church a stone’s throw from the White House where he posed for a picture holding a bible. That explained why moments earlier he ordered the Military to attack the protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the area. The protestors incidentally were doing nothing unruly. It was a peaceful march to that point. All this military power was used to clear the area for a photo-op. A much greater solution would have been to set up large screens to televise the speech to reassure the protestors and call for calm.

The President is a disgrace and ought to have been impeached and now we are left with the danger that he will be re-elected for a second term.

Makes me kind of glad to be Canadian.

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