Solly the Caterer

Over the years I often stopped off at Solly’s for a portion of chopped liver, or perhaps a cake, or a jar of soup. For a long time, I heard the bachelorhood at Cavendish Mall discussing the meals they were having delivered from Solly’s.  I, being the lucky one who has a partner who is a fabulous cook never needed to avail myself of that service. However, with the arrival of the pandemic and the need to stay home as much as possible Shirley spent much of her time cooking in our tiny kitchen. So I decided to order our supper from Solly’s. Not being a guru on the computer I was fortunate enough to be prompted by the lovely and talented Elyssa on how to order via email, pay via E transfer, and pick up my order at suppertime from a table outside of the door.

My order was Pineapple Chicken, Yangtze Egg Roll, and Vegetable Fried Rice ($9.00) unlike some neighbourhood restaurants where Pineapple Chicken was mostly breading and a touch of chicken, this was the opposite. There was lots of white chicken in a light batter and a generous portion.

Shirley had stuffed cabbage ($9.00) she kept telling me how delicious it was and it came with vegetables and potatoes. It was a big enough portion to save half for the next day’s lunch.

Fast forward three days to Monday. I ordered General Tao Chicken ($9.00) usual sides and Shirley had Beef and Broccoli ($9.00) usual sides

It was deliciously prepared and plentiful.

Sometimes great discoveries come from the strangest circumstances.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did.

BTW Delivery is available on larger orders.

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