Shimmering Lights Presented

On Wednesday night September 11, 2019 at approximately 7:00 P.M. an overflow crowd of people gathered in the basement of Le Centre Du Sablon in Chomedy, Laval. The common factor that brought these people together was that they all suffered pain in their daily routines. They were here to attend a lecture on pain management presented by Dr. Yoram Shir of the Montreal General hospital Pain Clinic. Dr. Shir talked about the research being done to discover the source of chronic pain and the hopes for the future discovery of non-pharmaceutical treatment of same. Dr. Shir offered to respond to questions from the audience as he presented his powerpoint presentation rather than wait till the end for a Q & A session. Many of the questions revolved around the use of cannabis for pain control. There are many variables involved in the consumption of cannabis such as type of product and method of administering same. It was a most interesting evening and as always the Ladies of Shimmering Lights donate all the profits from their events to the Shriners’ Hospital for Children.

Following the presentation, coffee was served as well as an elaborate table of baked goods made by the ladies. I must admit I suspect some of the baked goods contained cannabis as I watched members of the audience walk to their car without their walker. (Just joking)

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