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As reported on CTV News 24/11/2017

Kathleen Weil is the first minister responsible for English-speaking Quebecers in the history of the Quebec Liberal Party and she’s delivering on a promise made by Premier Philippe Couillard.

“For the first time in our history we will have civil servants dedicated to the future vitality of the English-speaking community,” said the MNA for Notre-Dame-de-Grace in an exclusive interview with CTV Montreal Thursday.

The Couillard government officially launched its new secretariat for the English-speaking community Friday in Quebec City at the Morrin Centre, an English-language cultural centre.

In my opinion this is nothing more than a pre-election ploy and is worth two fifths of three quarters of nothing unless it is accompanied by a promise to repeal Bill 101 which was introduced by the Quebec Liberal Party and has hindered the English-speaking community since its inception. The secretariat will have a start-up administrative budget of $1 million, which will be devoted to hiring seven or eight staffers and setting up office space. I would be interested in knowing the annual budget of the Quebec Office de la Langue Francais and its number of staffers. A figure like a million dollars is a joke when you hear the mega millions that will be spent to light up bridges, erect useless sculptures, or put good millions after bad to repair the roof of a stadium that should have been demolished decades ago. I am not alone when I feel that I am being persecuted in what used to be a democratic society but today I need to be thankful that in some parts of Montreal I can see a stop sign on a street corner.

In my opinion you can take all the political parties in Quebec, put the names in a hat and the name you draw will continue to govern in the status quo.

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