Royal Victoria Hospital at The Glen

I have just returned from The McGill University Health Centre at the Glen, aka Royal Victoria Hospital where I underwent a Cystolitholapaxy to remove a stone in the bladder. I have only words of praise for the staff and the doctors as well as the services provided at that centre. I arrived full of fear of the unknown but every step along the way was eased by professional and respectful staff whose first question was always, “English or French?” From the nurse in the Pre-operative area, to the anesthetist, to the orderly who takes you to the operating room every step is well organized


Koodos to Dr. Carriere and Dr. Barry and their highly efficient O.R. staff. The procedure was completed without complication and in short time.


Post Surgery was carefully monitored by the staff of the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, and I was kept under their watchful eye for five hours before they were satisfied that the anesthetic had worn off sufficiently to allow me to be transported to a private room, complete with telephone,TV, and Wi-Fi on the seventh floor where I spent the night. The nursing staff overnight as well as the new group that started in the morning were on top of things at all times from taking blood pressure and constantly checking vital signs. By seven A.M. Dr. Carriere appeared and gave me my get-out-of-jail card. I was released into the custody of my darling, Shirley at approximately 10:00 A.M. and went directly to Eggs-Fruitie on St. Jacques.

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