Roger Stone

They sentenced him to 40 months in prison for all charges against him.

Don’t worry about him. He will do some time in a “resort” prison complete with a golf course till Trump pardons him. As of now, Roger Stone has walked out of the courthouse pending a possible appeal. Meanwhile, in the real world, a man sits in prison for the past 38 years for stealing nine dollars. Willie Simmons, a 62-year old Black man from Alabama, has been behind bars for the last 38 years for stealing $9. He was convicted of 1st-degree robbery and was sentenced to life without parole in 1982 due to Alabama‚Äôs Habitual Offender law. He already had 3 prior convictions.

Simmons was only 25 years old when first convicted; he is now 62 and has been on his own since 2005. He is serving time in a prison called Holman, which is known as one of the most violent prisons in the United States. When he was first convicted, Simmons was addicted to drugs, but overcame his addiction and became sober while in prison 18 years ago. Now, he says he simply “tries to stay away from the wild bunch.

In an interview that has gone viral, he explained what happened the day he stole nine dollars. He explained, “I was just trying to get me a quick fix.” He had wrestled a man to the ground and taken the money from him, before police officers a block away arrested him. His trial lasted only 25 minutes and the attorney who was appointed to him did not call on any witnesses. Furthermore, though all of his prior violations were non-violent, the prosecutors did not offer him a plea deal. He shared, “They kept saying we’ll do our best to keep you off the streets for good.” The law was simply dead set against him from the beginning.

Earlier this week Trump went on a binge pardoning many of those that didn’t deserve a pardon but someone like this unfortunate victim of the U.S. military and God knows how many others were overlooked.

The halls of justice where all the justice stays in the halls and out of the courtroom.

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