Fay Wong

As published on www.lastcallwithsol.comFay WongBy SOL | Published: JANUARY 16, 2021 | EditFay Wong7020 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-LucMontréal, QC H4V 1J3Canada514.484.6663info@faywong.caChinese RestaurantI must start my review with an admission. I was never impressed with their lunch specials and could not understand why this restaurant continuously attracted a supper crowd. Tonight I decided to try their a la carte menu and I am pleased to report that I am now a member of the tribe. From the moment the young lady who answered the phone, I subsequently learned her name is Leah, to the 20 minutes later that I picked up my order I was impressed by the speed with which I was handed a heavy-duty shopping bag containing my order. I was quick to notice that each item as it appeared on the bill had a checkmark verifying that it had been packed. I had previously experienced a disappointment from another restaurant when I discovered they had forgotten peanut butter dumplings. Even though they took my name and phone number when I called back and they made up for the error on my next order it couldn’t happen at Faye Wong tonight.I had ordered egg rolls, peanut butter dumplings, Chicken Soo Guy, and steamed rice. The preparation and presentation of the food were excellent. The containers were plastic and worthy of keeping for future use.I give my experience tonight a 9/10 but we all have different taste, don’t take my word, and try it. You’ll like it.

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