Blind Date

Created By and Starring Rebecca Northan

Blind Date

Centaur Theatre

April 9-28 2019

Who would have thought that a ten minute improve skit could turn into a 90 minute play and celebrate its tenth anniversary and its’ 800th show. Ms. Northan says, “there is always a handful of people who are convinced that the “date” is a plant in the audience. They are not.” I can vouch for that as I was seated next to the gentleman who ended up on stage this performance and provided us with many laughs. This is a play that has no script and can be seen over and over with different results. I could see it over and over. Congratulations to the entire Blind Date team, who in February 2019 also launched their first international Blind Date company in Oslo, Norway with the theatre group Det Andre Teotret.

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Broadway Cafe

April 6, 2019

Segal Centre

April 6, 2019

Hosted by Adam Capriolo and Anton May

As always this event presents semi-professional talent at the highest level. Anyone who wants the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience can bring sheet music or select sheet music from scores of sheet music provided by the theatre. The hosts entertain magnificently while managing the traffic of the performers as they take moments to discuss keys and such with Chris Barillaro who accompanies each artist tirelessly and flawlessly. They have the next performer waiting in the “on deck” for continuity. Tonight’s concert lasted four hours and when the midnight curfew arrived there were still artists waiting to perform. To highlight any of the performances was impossible. One by one the voices were top of the line. I always feel when I attend Broadway Cafe that I am exploiting the system with a ten dollar admission price. The evening would be cheap at many times the price. Next Broadway Cafe May 11, 2019. Be there.

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Dawn Tyler Watson launches new album MAD LOVE on April 11th

“Watson, in a nutshell, smokes. She has a kit bag full of smooth moves, and a personality that lifts off the page.” “One of Canada’s true Blues treasures” 

Blues Review Magazine

(Montreal) One of the greatest voices in contemporary blues Dawn Tyler Watson will be presenting her new album MAD LOVE with a launch-concert at Le Petit Campus, Thursday, April 11th at 8pm. The world-class singer-songwriter will be at her best as she performs 12 new songs backed by the power-house, horn-driven Ben Racine Band.

For this 5th album, her 2nd with the band, Watson dug deep. Her songs are more introspective than ever, inspired by a tumultuous past few years yielding ever-growing success as an artist,coupled with her own personal heartbreak.

Since having been crowned the winner of the 33rd International Blues Challenge in 2017 in Memphis, TN (the first Canadian ever and only the second female artist to do so), the multi-national and internationally decorated performer has been busy touring Canada, the US & abroad and has upcoming dates in France, Brazil, and Sweden as well.

Working with guitarist and arranger Ben Racine and Maple Blues Award nominated producer Frankie Thiffault, the team accessed a variety of styles within the Blues genre that reflect Watson’s rich creative palette. Featuring tracks with Canadian Blues elite guests Steve Marriner (Monkyjunk) and Steve Hill, MAD LOVE is her most accomplished work so far.

This newest collection of songs is now ready to be unleashed on a record that’s full of Soul infused Rhythm & Blues, with a title that conjures the good, the bad and the ugly of love.

MAD LOVE the album drops April 11th at Le Petit Campus 8pm

(57, rue Prince-Arthur, Montréal)

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Daughters of Mile End

Labyrinth Stage Productions

Written and produced by Pearl Lottner Rothenberg and

Claudia Litvak Polachek

Directed by Rachel Glait

DB Clarke Theatre

Thru April 6

An amazing evening of theatre performed by an all female cast portraying four friends at various stages of their lives between the 1950’s and present day. The adult actors are all excellent in their roles as are the children who exhibit promise of solid careers in the future. The set design and the lighting make it easy to segue from time zone to time zone. Being a story about children of Holocaust-surviving, immigrant Mothers one might expect the play to be quite sombre, yet there were several laugh-out-loud moments. You will leave the theatre feeling good.

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The Shoplifters

Centaur Theatre

Thru April 7, 2019

Written and Directed by Morris Panych

Starring Ellen David and Marie-Eve Perron

As the shoplifters

With Michel Perron and Laurent Pitre

As the security guards.

I have nothing but praise of the highest order for all four characters. They deliver the playwright’s lines with staccato rhythm and have the audience laughing for the entire time, some of the time just by their expression. The set is award worthy and kudos to the entire creative team. Worthy of special mention is Ken MacDonald for the originality of set design. A great time to enjoy an evening at the theatre.

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How Black Mothers Say I Love You

Black Theatre Workshop


How Black Mothers Say I Love You

By Trey Anthony

Directed by Tamara Brown

Continuing till March 16, 2019

Centaur Theatre

I am at a loss for words to describe the pleasure I experienced as a member of the audience for this dynamic drama. Four extremely talented actors carry the script with flawless delivery and take your emotions on a journey from music and laughter to the sadness of reality as we examine the bond between a Mother and her children. Kudos to the author and the director for coming up with a winner.  This one is not to be missed.

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Daughters of Mile End

Written by

Claudia Litvak POLACHEK & Pearl Lottner ROTHENBERG

Directed by

Rachelle GLAIT

Set Design John DINNING  Costume Design Louise BOURRET  Lighting Design Mike SINNOTT

Technical & Production Manager Sylvin SEVIGNY  Stage Manager Shane NICHOL


Tara AMSEL  Mara BERKOWITZ  Marissa BLAIR  Cheryl BLUM Arianna FALATO



From the co-authors of the 2017 sold-out world premiere of Queen of Chesed, comes a brand new play. Daughters of Mile End follows four friends, daughters of Holocaust-surviving, immigrant mothers, from their elementary school days living in 1950’s Mile End to the present day. With humour, poignancy, and insight, Daughters of Mile End illustrates that despite traumatic family histories, the girls’ shared childhood memories and experiences lead them to a better understanding of their mothers, and themselves, freeing them to live and love more fully.

April 3 – 6 at 8 pm

D. B. Clarke Theatre – Concordia University’s Hall Building
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, H3G 1M8



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As a soon to be former client of Harvey’s I am taking a moment to express my concerns. As an English speaking Montrealer I am appalled by the fact that there is not a single word of English on any of the signage inside or outside the venue. I am aware of the language laws, but those laws do allow for English on signs providing that the English is half the size of the French. Anything else is unacceptable and disrespectful to myself even though I am, and have been since childhood, thoroughly bilingual. I take particular dislike to the fact that on the back of the unilingual place mats is a guide for allergies in French only. IF THIS IS NOT CORRECTED IN DUE COURSE I will go to social media and complain publicly.

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‘I don’t see the importance of bilingual signs’: Legault on Lachute hospital controversy

Premier François Legault had a terse response to the controversy over bilingual signs at the Lachute hospital — basically, the law is the law.

“I think that we have to follow the law,” Legault said at the tail end of a Montreal news conference on Thursday. “They weren’t respecting the law. Bill 101 has to be respected. That’s what we’ll do.”

A group, consisting of both francophones and anglohpones, insisted their communities were free of language troubles.

In my opinion the OQLF must be dismantled. We do not have a democracy any longer. We deserve better than Gestapo methods of controlling the language that we speak. The bureaucracy of the OQLF has a budget that could be better used for health care, education, or programs to help people living at or under the poverty level.

Premier Francois Legault will not win a popularity contest with Anglophone voters, but he will find a way to make us forget before the next election. Many of the populace have already forgotten that it is the Quebec Liberals who first introduced what would become bill 101 and in doing so became the foundation that made Toronto one of the top cities in North America.

Covering up English words at Lachute Hospital is nothing more than nit-picking and the Premier’s agreement only shows how narrow minded he is.

I urge anyone who cares about the future of English speaking in Quebec to write to your elected official and express your concerns.

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Dirty Laundry

Nettoyeurs Lavio

5761 Caldwell

Cote St. Luc


I was a customer of this establishment before they closed the branch on Westminster in Montreal West. They have branches all over Montreal including Westmount, Ville St. Laurent and others. The first time I did business with their Caldwell branch was on the 7th of December 2018. When I tried to pick up my cleaning 3 days later they could not find it. I was told that they may have accidentally sent it to another store. Days became weeks and when I told them I was tired of coming back day after day and that my garment was obviously lost and I wanted to be compensated I was told that the owner’s name was Jay and he is there every morning at 9:00 A.M. When I showed up the next morning at 9:00 A.M. I was told he just left.


Eventually I was told that he arrives at 7:00 A.M. and leaves at 9:00. However Jay never answers the phone when he sees my phone number on his call display. When I went during those hours I was told that he left for Toronto and that the store would be closing the following day until after Christmas. I have left a message that I want to be paid for my lost item or I would report him to the Better Business Bureau and also give him bad publicity on my blog and on social media and he has not responded. I have since read on their web site that two other customers commented that he had damaged their garments and refused to compensate them for damages. I would hope that people heed my advice and stay away from this business. There are many good establishments that you can trust to take care of your garment and when accidents happen they will deal with the problem. Nettoyeurs Lavio is not one of them.

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