PA Supermarket

Super Marché PA /PA Supermarket

4600 BLVD Samson

Laval, QC.

This Supermarket chain, offering groceries, produce, meat and fish, together with other staples has been around for a long time mainly because of their good prices, right locations, and easy parking.

Today I had occasion to shop at the Laval location. I noticed the presence at the entrance of an employee with a dispenser of hand cleanser that would make certain anyone entering would have sanitized hands. Unfortunately, from this point on the lack of cooperation from the public was obvious.

Management had been very diligent in protecting the employees, and in particular the cashiers and the wrappers. They had arrows on the floor of each aisle showing shoppers which way to go without disrupting social distancing. But they did not practice crowd control which resulted in way too many people in the store at the same time. It was also not compulsory to wear a mask so the staff did but many of the shoppers did not.

Insofar as their current pricing, there were several “deals” or as they are known in retail, “loss leaders” but also, the occasional grocery item that was borderline price gouging.

On a scale of 1 to 10 considering the times we now call normal today’s visit still rates a 9.

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