Merton of the Movies

CSL Dramatic Society


Merton of the Movies

By George S. Kaufmann

And Marc Connelly

February 12 to 16, 2020

Harold Greenspon Auditorium

5801 Cavendish Blvd.

Producers Mitchell Brownstein

And Mitch Kujavsky

Director Anisa Cameron

Merton of the Movies was originally a novel by Harry Leon Wilson and adapted as a stage play by Marc Connelly. It opened in New York City on November 13, 1922, and played through Oct. 20, 1923.

The Cote Saint-Luc Drama Society lived up to their usual high standard of entertainment in presenting this hilarious two-act production. The ensemble cast, some perennials and some new were at the top of their game. It is obvious that many months, days, and hours went into rehearsals. But the end justified the means. Time and space deter me from critiquing each of the individual actors that make this play so enjoyable, but I must select a few. Number one on my list is John Kovac (Rosenblatt). Adam Daniel Koren (Merton) and Miranda Hannon (Tess) gel in their roles as love-struck youngsters. Steve Korolnek as Mr. Gashwiler and Hannah Sheffren as Mrs. Gashwiler are outstanding. Mitchell Brownstein playing the Comedic Director of silent picture movies does a solid performance as does Beryl Wajsman in the role of Mr. Walberg. Nadine Steiner had me laughing with her actions and lines as the casting director even when she was in mime conversation. Janet Garmaise illuminates the stage in the dual role of Eulalie/Maxine.

There are still four more opportunities to see this delightful comedy. Treat yourself.