M.T.L. Bagel

5452 Westminster

Cote St-Luc QC

At one time I had nothing but words of praise for Dizz’s Bagels on Cote. Ste Luc Road. I actually wrote about them on my BLOG. For the longest time, they had a special featuring bagel with cream cheese and a medium coffee for $3.00. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago they raised the price to $4.00. Completely acceptable in line with rising costs for ingredients. However, this week they raised it again to $5.00. Completely unreasonable because now it borders on gouging. I was a five day a week customer and often while I was there I bought other products. Now it has become off-limits for me. Equidistant from where I live is a strip mall on the west side of Westminster behind the original B’nai Brith House. At the south end of the strip is M.T.L. Bagel. Aside from being as good a bagel as will be found anywhere in our city, they put a generous portion of cream cheese, plus a small coffee, and offer it as a special Monday thru Friday for $3.45 plus tax. Additionally, they have a tracking system to your phone that accumulates points for future bonuses each time you visit. Shirley and I are no strangers to the place. We have been shopping there since they opened. Try it you’ll like it.

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