Locale Cafe

Cuisine Locale Café

5781 Upper Lachine Rd.

Montreal, QC

We heard about it from a friend. Shirley and I were coming back from Playground Poker in Khanawake, where we attended a special event presented by Playground Entertainment. There was the usual line-up to get into the restaurant and we were too hungry to wait. So why not try the Locale Café? I am glad we did.

It is family owned and operated and everything we ate was exceptional. As people who follow my blog are aware, Shirley and I eat at a lot of restaurants and are not always impressed. I only write about the good ones. Aside from the great food, the service was impeccable. Dominique moves quickly around from table to table making sure that everything is going well.

Shirley started with a house salad, and never stopped telling me how good it is, except to refill her fork. I meanwhile was enjoying a tortellini soup and munching on the tasty bread.

For the main course, Shirley chose Eggplant Parmigianino, (never stopped telling me how good it is) and I had the Pappardelle Carbonara, which I would recommend to any pasta lover.

I believe the server, whose name I should have asked, must have sensed that I am a dessert lover, (I think every meal should start and end with dessert) because she brought a salty caramel sundae with 2 spoons on the house.

We will return soon.

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