‘I don’t see the importance of bilingual signs’: Legault on Lachute hospital controversy

Premier François Legault had a terse response to the controversy over bilingual signs at the Lachute hospital — basically, the law is the law.

“I think that we have to follow the law,” Legault said at the tail end of a Montreal news conference on Thursday. “They weren’t respecting the law. Bill 101 has to be respected. That’s what we’ll do.”

A group, consisting of both francophones and anglohpones, insisted their communities were free of language troubles.

In my opinion the OQLF must be dismantled. We do not have a democracy any longer. We deserve better than Gestapo methods of controlling the language that we speak. The bureaucracy of the OQLF has a budget that could be better used for health care, education, or programs to help people living at or under the poverty level.

Premier Francois Legault will not win a popularity contest with Anglophone voters, but he will find a way to make us forget before the next election. Many of the populace have already forgotten that it is the Quebec Liberals who first introduced what would become bill 101 and in doing so became the foundation that made Toronto one of the top cities in North America.

Covering up English words at Lachute Hospital is nothing more than nit-picking and the Premier’s agreement only shows how narrow minded he is.

I urge anyone who cares about the future of English speaking in Quebec to write to your elected official and express your concerns.

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