La Villetta

Restaurant Trattoria

La Villetta

1898 Thimens

Ville St. Laurent, QC

Sunday was Shirley’s sister’s birthday and a group of ladies organized a surprise birthday party at the above-mentioned establishment. Naturally, I accepted the invitation to be the only man in the group.

Apparently the restaurant is normally closed on Sunday, but because of some smooth-talking by Evelyn Wolfson, the owner Johnny Insogna agreed to open the doors for this special occasion. Then he called in veteran server Elizabeth who I have watched perform at the Brown Derby, Snowdon Deli, Pam Pam, Continental, and Pumperniks over several decades.

Because the doors were not locked and the windows were not covered, two men walked in unaware that there was a party in progress. Johnny, always the conscientious businessman, figured why not. He’s here, the chef is here, and Elizabeth is here so he seated the two new arrivals who ate quietly, paid their bill and left as quietly as they arrived. Johnny’s mother and business partner (who is presently vacationing abroad) ought to be proud of him.

Kudos to all concerned, the food preparation, and the service was first-class. Shirley had the Eggplant Parmesan which she savored ($17) I ordered spaghetti Carbonara ($16) which was the closest I would get to simulating bacon and eggs. (For me this party was breakfast) Probably this was one of the best tasting pastas I have eaten, and I ate to the last strand and did not need a Doggy Bag.

Shirley and I will certainly return to try other dishes on the Dinner Menu but I suspect I will have difficulty getting her off the Eggplant.

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