Jano Ltée

Jano  Ltée

120 St. Joseph Blvd

Lachine, QC


This afternoon Shirley and I went shopping for a new winter coat which I wanted to buy as an early birthday gift. Her birthday is on the first day of Spring, but I believe we will have Winter before that happens. I did a bit of research on Google to find a place that sells quality coats and doesn’t require going anywhere near downtown where all the streets have detours. That brought us to the above mentioned location.

It turns out to be a gigantic warehouse with a huge selection of men’s and ladies clothing, accessories, linen, and baby clothes and products. Not at downtown prices, but their warehouse venue coupled with the ability to purchase goods in volume, permits them to undersell even the big-box stores.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We were approached by the owner immediately upon arrival and he took the time to show us where the ladies coats were and the selection was amazing.

Walking through the different departments we saw duvets and bed ensembles priced at a fraction of what you would have to pay at mainstream stores.

Parking is plentiful right at the door. One suggestion: Go there during the week. The week-ends draw huge crowds of shoppers.

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