Jack Astors Dorval

After thoroughly enjoying a matinee at the Hudson Theatre this afternoon, we found ourselves driving through a never-ending rainstorm in DDO at 5:00 P.M. not the most inviting time to join the traffic heading into the city of orange cones and detours named Montreal. Coincidentally, it was suppertime and there was a Jack Astors Restaurant mere footstep away. I had been there before, but it was long ago when my children were young (and so was I). We had the pleasure of being served by a young man who not only took our orders while answering all our questions pertaining to the menu and choices of sides but also was able to tolerate my weird sense of humor. His name is Shane and you won’t have to ask him because, by the time he has been standing at your table five seconds, he will have written it (upside down) on your placemat.

Shirley had the Classic Angus Burger, $14.99 perfectly cooked (or she would have told him if it wasn’t) fully loaded, a salad she loved as an appetizer and some of the way too many fries from my order of fish and chips with coleslaw $17.74.

A very good choice for the family if you have young children, but also a good choice, in another section of the restaurant if you just want an alcoholic beverage and some wings or things. You won’t be sorry they’re open.

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