Intervention Toronto


Whether the problem is drugs or alcohol – whether you’re seeking help for yourself or the desperate needs of a loved one — you’ve come to the right place – to the experts on addiction and recovery.

We Save Lives!

As founder of Intervention Toronto, Mark Elliot (bio)is a recovering addict who can understand your pain and can offer a way out for you, a friend, or a family member.

We Have the Experience to Help

Mark has already reached out to thousands devastated by addiction through his hands-on approach to recovery as well as his acclaimed CFRB radio program, People Helping People.

You Don’t Have to Face it Alone

From consultation, to intervention and placement in an appropriate rehabilitation center, Intervention Toronto offers an effective and successful approach to ending the deadly cycle of addiction.

If you’ve come to our website, you’re searching for answers and seeking assistance. The help you need may be closer than you think.

The First Step Starts with You.

Call Mark for a Free Phone Consultation

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