IGA Supermarket

Alexis Nihon Plaza

Dumb and Dumbest

Saturday evening I picked up a container of Moishe’s Potato Salad $2.49 with a best before date Sept. 22, 2021. When I opened it at supper time the first taste told me that it was sour and not edible. Today, I returned to the store and asked the security guard who I need to see for a return. He suggested a supervisor. When I approached the supervisor I handed him the container and informed him that I bought it yesterday and despite the best before date, it was not edible. He asked if I had the bill, I replied that I did not, and he attempted to give it back to me insisting that they do not accept returns without proof of purchase. I cannot imagine where he thought I might have gotten it if I hadn’t purchased it there. I told him not to give it back to me. I told him I was a long time customer of IGA stores in general, but particularly this one since I live in the area. I will not be coming back with the receipt, in fact I would not be coming back to this store ever again if this is your final decision and he indicated that it didn’t matter to him in any case. To my way of thinking anyone who would lose a customer over a $2.49 refund does not belong in a supervisor’s position, If he is the brightest bulb on the tree what did they do with the others?

I have been doing most of my shopping recently at Metro Westmount 4840 Sherbrooke Street West corner Victoria. On the rare occasion that I needed to return a product for whatever reason, I was never asked for a bill. I was always given the option of taking a replacement or a refund. Where would you think I will do all of my grocery shopping from now on? Great decision, Supervisor Einstein.

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