Fight On!

Infinitheatre presents

Fight On! Part One


An epic fictional historical recounting of the settlement of the Canadian West!

April 10 to 22 2018 Espace Knox 6215 Godfrey Ave. NDG


Another opening, another show. But not just an opening and not just a show. In the words of the Writer/Director, Guy Sprung, this is a workshop. They are exploring the text, the staging, and how to tell a huge story by integrating video, sound, music, masks, the audience itself, and Cree and Mohawk into the dialogue. In my opinion they have succeeded on all levels. Notably, the staging is sheer genius. Impossible to do at any other performance venue in Montreal, the action takes place on both ends of the theatre, as well as in between the two halves of the audience. Taped and live video as well as scrolled text not the least of which was authored by Drew Hayden Taylor in the form of counter blogs, make this two and a half hour play keep on giving. The use of masks makes this troupe of nine actors seem to be playing thirty parts. The story encompasses the invasion and occupation of the land belonging to the indigenous people by European settlers, the Indian Act 1876, residential schools, and right into the current headlines with the pipeline controversy. Each and every actor in this play deserves accolades, but I need to single out the performance by Daniel Brochu who plays the lead, Francis Jeffery Dickens. Dickens, third son of Charles Dickens, was in the North West Mounted Police from 1874 to 1885. This two and a half hour production will leave you wanting more, and more you shall get, next year when part two will be staged. Continues till April 22 not to be missed.

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