Does Anybody Care?

I get around a large part of the city and it is irritating to see so many people of all ages who don’t seem to find it important to follow the rules during the current pandemic. They won’t wear a mask, and they won’t stay a safe distance from their friends. Whether it’s outside of Baskin Robbins on CSL Road or on a terrace in Little Italy where dozens of people are crammed together drinking beer and carrying on like there was no real problem. What doesn’t help is the irresponsibility of the bar owners who allow more people than the law permits in public places. A recent example was in a bar on the South Shore where many patrons were infected at a birthday party. Another problem is that the police and public security do nothing to enforce the laws that cover the use of masks and the need for social distancing. If we continue on the path we are on many more people will become infected and many more will die. If we are going to ignore people endangering lives but issue tickets for illegal parking somebody is giving the wrong commands.

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