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A&W Restaurants

Since 1956 but never like this. I have written about them previously, but it merits repetition. The first time I tried the bacon, egg, and cheese on a hamburger bun in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia last year I ordered the trio which included hash browns and coffee. The young lady that took my order asked me […]

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Shanghai Grill And Restaurant

4050 Ste. Catherine St. West 514 935 9478 I have gone from Chinatown to the North and South shores and to the West Island as well as several Montreal neighborhood restaurants looking for an all around venue. That is to say ambiance, menu, service, and parking. I found it all, minutes away from home, in […]

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IGA Supermarket

Alexis Nihon Plaza Dumb and Dumbest Saturday evening I picked up a container of Moishe’s Potato Salad $2.49 with a best before date Sept. 22, 2021. When I opened it at supper time the first taste told me that it was sour and not edible. Today, I returned to the store and asked the security […]

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La Fabrique de Bagel

4084 Ste-Catherine West Westmount, QC In the city where Montrealers have enjoyed the benefit of getting bagels fresh from the ovens 24 hours a day and where people from Toronto and Calgary, , when they hear you are coming, ask if you would bring bagels who would have thought a new bagel shop was opening? […]

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Cafe et Crepe

374 Sainte- Catherine Street West Montreal, QC. Several years ago, I visited Peddlers Restaurant 7500 Boul. Newman La Salle, PQ. and discovered their desert crepes that were so delicious i wrote about them on this BLOG and I soon returned there and wrote a second critique as Peddlers Revisited. Since that time, my lifestyle has […]

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CJAD Firings

The Axeman Cometh Montreal Gazette: Bell Media closes CJAD’s newsroom, cuts two weekday evening shows. It’s Déjà vu. When Bell Media finds ways to increase revenue they leap into action. The “suits” at the head office do not consider the damage they are doing to the lives of their loyal employees many of whom have […]

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Fay Wong

7020 Cote Saint Luc Rd. I must start my review with an admission. I was never impressed with their lunch specials and could not understand why this restaurant continuously attracted a supper crowd. Tonight I decided to try their a la carte menu and I am pleased to report that I am now a member […]

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Nero vs Trump

An Editorial Comment The more things change, the more they remain the same. In July of 64 A.D., a great fire ravaged Rome for six days, destroying 70 percent of the city and leaving half its population homeless. According to a well-known expression, Rome’s emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome […]

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M.T.L. Bagel

5452 Westminster Cote St-Luc QC At one time I had nothing but words of praise for Dizz’s Bagels on Cote. Ste Luc Road. I actually wrote about them on my BLOG. For the longest time, they had a special featuring bagel with cream cheese and a medium coffee for $3.00. Suddenly a couple of weeks […]

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Common Sense Should Prevail

I cannot be accused of being Anti-Semitic because I am a member of the tribe. I do, therefore, advocate more Police action when opportunities arise to do so. I have editorialized in the past regarding young people who congregate in parks and in front of ice cream and frozen yogurt stores ignoring social distancing and […]

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