Candlelight Christmas 2019

The Lyric Theatre Singers

Candlelight Christmas 2019

Loyola Chapel

Concordia University

December 5, 2019


Every year I review the Candlelight Christmas featuring The Lyric Theatre Singers directed by Bob Bachelor, and every year it becomes easier because they just keep getting better. 


This latest ensemble consists of forty great vocalists and six talented musicians who can not only perform but also radiate confidence.

The vocal harmonies are faultless as Bob Bachelor directs his singers whether it is a cappella or with the orchestra. It is apparent that many hours of rehearsal go into this annual event, and that the performers are passionate about their art.

 As for the soloists, my favourite, as she was last year, is Katherine Fournier. This talented soprano never fails to please. She was at the top of her game when she performed Cantique de Noel, and later in the program she blew the roof off reaching notes during a medley that I didn’t catch the title of. I fail to understand why this woman with a voice of gold has never reached out to shows like The Voice where we could share her talent with the rest of the world when not in rehearsals for Candlelight Christmas. Another highlight of the evening was the performance by two students from Face School, Laure Boissinot and Alden Wyatt-Vedady who sang In the Bleak Midwinter.

In the music department, kudos as always to Chad Linsley on piano who plays tirelessly and never misses a note. (Even without a page-turner). Peter Colantonio on percussion and keyboard rounds out the rhythm section. Robin Best on Harp and Sheila Hannigan on Cello both performed admirably and ever-present and on point was Tim Malloch on Flute.

The evening concluded with a Sing-Along and a few extra surprises.

Continues December 6, 8:00 P.M.

          December 7, 4:00 P.M.

December 8,  1:30 P.M.

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