Burger de Ville Revisited

I have written about this restaurant many times and nothing has changed since I talked about it on my radio show, except it just keeps getting better. It has grown from one location on Westminster in Montreal West to three locations (https://www.burgerdeville.com/). And regardless of whether or not the owners are there, it runs itself like a well-oiled machine.

I am writing today because I am always impressed by the various soups that are prepared daily, but the last time I visited, one of the owners Reda had stopped off in the morning to make the soup for the day which happened to be clam chowder. I have eaten clam chowder in Boston and I have eaten clam chowder in Halifax but this was the best I have ever tasted.

The other reason that I am writing again today is to repeat what I had previously said about the baby back ribs. The ribs are perfectly seasoned and literally fall off the bone and can be eaten like a steak with a knife and fork.

The quantity and the quality of the ribs are second to none in the city and with Fries and Cole Slaw for $15.00, probably half the price.

Treat yourself today.

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