Broadway Cafe Once

Broadway Café


Once Edition

Segal Centre

Le Studio

Oct. 6, 2018


Broadway Café is the biggest entertainment value and one that never disappoints. The level of talent is amazing and as a reviewer I always feel guilty about paying so little to see and hear so many great artists. Whether singing songs from current Broadway productions or from classics, performers choose songs from the dozens of books of sheet music provided by the venue, and then put their name on a list to be called on to sing.

In keeping with the theme of the musical Once, based on the 2007 movie, tonight’s edition invited performers to bring their own instrument but for those that don’t have one an accompanist was provided in the in the form of Chad Linsley, who with limited prep time played the Grand piano like a master. The evening was hosted by Mikey Samra and Justin Johnson who were personable and kept things running smoothly through the three hours that I stayed for. I left during the second intermission so that I would be able to write this column before bed time. Highlights of the evening for me were as follows: Drag Queen Abby Long who did two songs from her upcoming show, “Drag Yourself to the Bain” on October 18. Read more about it on a future blog. Corina Vincelli once again blew me away with a song from the Burt Bacharach songbook. She too is doing a live concert on the 13 and 14 of October and I will write more in the next day or two about that show. There were at least two performers who accompanied themselves on piano but whose names I didn’t get. Also one amazing performance by a McGill student who only heard about Broadway Café four hours before she walked through the doors armed with a violin and a voice that never quits. I didn’t get her name either, but I suspect there will be other Broadway Café nights. Another highlight of the evening for me was a performance from some of the cast of an upcoming production of Mama Mia. More details to follow on future blog. If you have never attended a Broadway Café evening, watch for the next one.

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