A&W Restaurants

Since 1956 but never like this.

I have written about them previously, but it merits repetition.

The first time I tried the bacon, egg, and cheese on a hamburger bun in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia last year I ordered the trio which included hash browns and coffee. The young lady that took my order asked me to take a seat and she would bring my food to the table, but that it would be about five minutes delay while she brewed a fresh carafe of coffee. From that day on I have been a satisfied customer of A & W and I find all the locations in Montreal that I have gone to, the food is fresh, well prepared, and waiting time is at a minimum. The coffee is always fresh, or in five minutes, it will be. All the precautions from hand cleanser to masks are observed, there is a list on which to leave your phone number in case of someone reporting Covid symptoms, and social distancing is observed. the “also-ran” fast-food coffee shops that try to copy this great breakfast sandwich don’t even come close. I tried one at the famous chain who invented the first breakfast sandwich on a muffin and it failed miserably. The bacon was hard instead of crispy, and likewise for the hash brown. Oh, I cannot omit how much I love the apple turnovers. and recently I tried a cherry turnover. BTW my compliments to whoever does the staff training.

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