Aux Vieux Duluth

Revisited Again

Au Vieux Duluth

1997 boul. Marcel-Laurin

Ville St. Laurent, PQ.

Once again we returned to the place where there is never a parking problem and the greeting is always cheerful. Of course, it helps that the menu is always appealing and the preparation is consistently good. Tonight I enjoyed Filet of Dore with garlic butter and accompanied by rice, roast potatoes, and salad. Shirley had the chicken brochette. Our friend Gloria left a plate that formerly held chicken brochette, rice, roast potatoes, and salad empty. Our other friend, Ken managed to do the same with a hamburger steak smothered in onions and gravy and the usual trimmings. We didn’t bring wine, but it is permitted and in fact, encouraged. We were ably served by Sandra who did all the right things at the right time. I was amazed as I watched her carry the meals of a party of four to their table. I would have needed to do that in four separate movements. That’s why she is multi-talented and provides a different persona by day and by night, while I am a unilingual journalist who can only watch and critique. It is nice to know that the quality of the food is constant and I look forward to our next visit.

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