Alice and the World We Live In

Alice and the World We Live In
Written by Alexandria Haber
Directed by Eda Holmes
Centaur Theatre

Go tell it on the mountain. This story is told with a mountain becoming a metaphor which deals with the fear of standing on the edge of life. In these tumultuous times when no place is really safe to be, we all risk losing someone we love and the fear can become enveloping. The playwright and the Director take us on a journey that covers the emotions of the two characters as they meet on the brink where one must make way for the other to pass.

Daniel Brochu as Ever is a Montréal actor who has worked in Toronto, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and New York City. Jane Wheeler as Alice has appeared in numerous Centaur Theatre productions as well as at the Segal Centre and the Hudson Village Theatre.

The two actors gel throughout the play which runs 75 minutes with no intermission. Not an easy task

Continuing until November 3, 2019

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