Ajia Asiatic Counter

5th floor

Montreal Casino

Not my first time there, but time I gave them credit for a winning combination. Well organized cafeteria style service, excellent food, and extremely moderate pricing.

Ajia offers dishes prepared for clients before their very eyes and according to their inspirations and tastes. Guests can choose Szechuan, Teriyaki, Korean, or green curry-based dishes, or they can enjoy the traditional General Tao.

 The cashier takes your order and immediately the assembly line of cooks reads the order off the computer screen and begins to prepare the food. Minutes later you are being handed your order, and all that’s left is for you to choose where you would like to sit to enjoy this treat. The main choices are chicken, beef, or shrimp, choice of fried noodles or steamed rice, and the trio includes won ton soup and soft drink. The soft drink can be upgraded to beer or wine for a couple of bucks extra. On this occasion, I opted for the Beef Teriyaki trio with fried noodles. It was delicious. If there is anything negative, the cutlery is plastic, and the plates are paper. But on the positive side, my meal before tax was $16.25. Also on the positive side, the panoramic view of the South Shore, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, and the grounds of what once were Man and his World. I give this restaurant my strong recommendation but it comes with a warning. If you plan to gamble before or after the meal be prepared to lose money. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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