A & W Restaurants

While visiting my daughter in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, I wandered over to the commercial area and discovered an A & W restaurant that serves breakfast 24 hours a day. Tailor-made for a sleep late guy like me. They make a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bun that makes the competitors’ version pale by comparison. The sandwich can become a trio by adding fries or hash brown potatoes, and a cup of always fresh coffee for about $7.00.

On my return to Montreal, I had occasion to visit different locations of A & W. One is located at 5150 Sherbrooke St. W a second one is at 5120 Queen Mary Road, there is one in the Pepsi Forum on Atwater, and one is at 7235 Saint Jacques West.
I have found all the staff at the various locations, both here and in Yarmouth to be exceptionally well trained, courteous, and efficient. However, I must single out the Saint Jacques West location for all-around service, food preparation, and cleanliness. No sooner does a table empty, and immediately someone appears to clean the complete area. There is no bigger turn-off than sitting down at a table in dirty surroundings.
My compliments to the managers and the entire staff of the locations I have had the pleasure of eating at. They are always open when I am awake and hungry, either starting my day late or on my way home after a late evening.

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